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Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Getting You Moving Again.

Are you dealing with shin splints or sore knees, or recovering from a sprained ankle? Do you want to start a running or walking program but afraid you are too overweight or injury prone?

Our Alter-G, Anti Gravity Treadmill, may be the answer. This technology uses air to lift you (“unload”) so that you can walk or run with an adjusted body weight. The AlterG provides an opportunity to initiate or continue a walking or running program pain-free.

How it Works

The FDA-approved AlterG treadmill was developed using NASA technology. It uses air in a pressure-controlled chamber to gently lift, or unload, the user. Precise calibration of 100-20% of the user’s body weight is achieved in 1% increments to ensure comfort and monitor progress.

Benefits of AlterG

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, recovering from an injury or trying to prevent an injury, the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill provides many benefits to address your needs:

  • Maintain fitness as you recover from injury
  • Decrease stress on muscles and joints
  • Protect healing tissues
  • Exercise with your natural gait
  • Allow for weight control and reduction
  • Enhance balance and motor control of the trunk and lower body
  • Improve strength and endurance

The Road to Recovery Begins Here

For our post-operative and post-injury patients, the AlterG’s unique zero gravity rehab treadmill provides the opportunity to include closed kinetic chain functional rehabilitation earlier than ever before. Get back on your feet sooner than ever thought possible.

AlterG M320 Anti-Gravity Treadmill is FDA cleared to safely provide physical therapy rehab for any of your lower extremity patients who are:

  • Approved by their treating physician for at least 25% partial weight bearing
  • Allowed to flex and extend their hip, knee, and ankle through a limited range of motion

This revolutionary rehabilitation treadmill also provides “prehab” conditioning with significantly reduced pain. Patients who try the AlterG treadmill overwhelmingly prefer it and 100% of those surveyed say they like it.  CPT Hawley & Dunmore are the only local rehabilition centers that offer the Alter-G!

Lose the fear

Many individuals fear falling after surgery or an injury and overcompensate leading to poor body mechanics with increased risks of further injury or exceedingly show recovery.  The Alter-G literally does the heavy lifting for you.  Your only focus is on the movement to strenghen your system to get you back to moving even better than before.

Benefits of the Alter-G at CPT

Individuals who have gone through joint replacement, suffered muscle or bone damage, or have a degenerative joint disease, often have limited mobility and function, pain, and other complications. AlterG’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill provides orthopedic rehabilitation for a large variety of conditions that affect the lower body skeletal and muscular systems. Injuries involving the lower back, hips, knees and ankle joints can be treated with the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Arehab treadmill is often what is needed post surgery to aid in the healing process for patients who have had total hip or knee replacement, ankle reconstructions, or other operative procedures.

The AlterG is very simple to use, making it a joy for both patients and their physical therapiststo incorporate into treatment programs. The ability to integrate physical therapy exercises early on in rehab sessions makes The AlterG an effective tool in assisting with restoring lower extremity range of motion and normalizing gait mechanics. After an evaluation, the physical therapist will schedule the Anti-Gravity Treadmill training sessions based on each patient’s specific needs. The AlterG physical therapy equipment can be used throughout the recovery process, providing benefits in each stage of rehabilitation.

The advantage of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is its ability to allow you to be mobile at a fraction of your body weight. By doing this, you can dial in exactly where the pain stops and movement feels good again. This, in turn, gives the patient the opportunity to increase the rate of muscle conditioning and decrease total recovery time.

Studies have shown that using the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill allows individuals to shorten recovery time. Research also indicates that an early start to rehabilitation can optimize functional gains. At AlterG, our focus is to provide technology that promotes early mobility and encourages functional rehabilitation strategies to best meet the needs of each patient. Our goal is to provide rehabilitation equipment that helps each patient:

  • Enables pre-surgery conditioning with significantly reduced pain (prehab)
  • Expands the concept “Weight Bearing As Tolerated” from 20% of body weight to 100% in 1% increments, so patients can specify exactly where exercise becomes pain free and progress can be easily tracked and charted.
  • Provides precise early partial weight-bearing following injury or surgery to restore natural gait, range of motion and improved patient outcomes
  • Prosthetic training with improved balance and confidence
  • Neuromuscular and proprioceptive re-training


An innovative NASA technology further refined by AlterG is fast becoming the new standard of rehabilitative care for neurological patients. Patients diagnosed with nervous system disorders due to injuries, infections, degeneration, and structural defects, can regain or maintain function.

The goals of the program include helping the individual to return to the highest level of physical function and independence which results in a better overall quality of life for that individual. The AlterG neurorehabilitation program helps to accomplish the following:

  • Improves control and muscle balance in the trunk, pelvis, and lower extremities
  • Increases exercise to improve function, safety, and efficiency of movement
  • Delays atrophy or weakness caused by lack of use
  • Maintains range of motion
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Progressively loads the lower limbs to increase oxygenation and healing
  • Assists with gait and balance retraining
  • Allows for activities to improve cognitive impairments, such as difficulties with dual tasking
  • Aids with spasticity management

The AlterG is an air supported body-weight treadmill that unweights patients without the discomfort of traditional harness-based systems. The lifting force is distributed over the entire surface of the special neoprene shorts rather than the trunk and upper leg in the harness system. The AlterG unweighting system can displace up to 80% of a person’s body-weight in 1% increments. It allows the arms to swing freely to facilitate reciprocal movements with the legs, maintaining normal walking mechanics. Patients with severe weakness of the trunk and lower limb (e.g. poor to Fair minus), may find it necessary to use some type of harness to assist getting into and out of the treadmill. The Guldmann Harness System can help get patients up to their feet and assist as much as necessary with stepping up and getting into the bag.

Unleash your body’s potential with the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

Get the results you want by having a more comfortable and effective training and exercise tool using patented NASA body weight support technology.

 “The AlterG is the most significant advance in training equipment for distance runners in the last half century.”

Amby Burfoot,
Editor at Large
, Runners World


With the groundbreaking AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, you can experience cardiovascular and lower body training like none other. Whether it’s practicing walking, trying to lose weight or training harder, the AlterG maximizes effectiveness by:

  • Enabling adjustable impact while walking or running
  • Allows for gradual progression of exercise
  • Minimizing the jarring forces that can lead to injury


Using NASA patented Differential Air Pressure technology, the AlterG: comfortably supports you and “unweights” you by as much as 80% (adjustable in 1% increments). This uniquely adjustable unweighting can accomplish so much:

  • Significantly and precisely reduces ground reaction forces
  • Helps minimize discomfort and encourages movement
  • Creates a safe environment to work on technique
  • Allows for an increase in training volume with less impact


The leading choice to get the body moving and keep the human machine functioning optimally. Elite athletes, professional sports teams and top facilities have chosen the AlterG as an essential component of their training and recovery programs. From world class marathoners to the LA Lakers, the Chicago Bears to the Boston Red Sox, trainers and sports medicine professionals use the AlterG to get out-of-this-world results. Nothing compares to the Anti-Gravity Technology of the AlterG.