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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Physical Therapy is pleased to offer services for pediatric patients! Here at CPT, our highly qualified occupational and physical therapists offer a variety of services in order to assess and treat your child's needs. The following is a list of diagnoses that our therapists have experience in treating and helping: Torticollis, Pawn syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, fine motor delay, developmental delay, developmental coordination disorder, gait dysfunction, handwriting delay, cognitive delay, feeding difficulties, sensory dysfunction (modified interventions available), brachia! plexus/Erbs palsy injury, and spina bifida.

Our occupational therapy program is initiated with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the appropriate treatment plan. Specific interventions may include feeding, fine motor coordination work, handwriting, and play skills.

Our physical therapists will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Interventions may include flexibility and strength training, gait training, postural development, balance and coordination training, play skills, and functional skill development.