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Pre / Post Surgery

Pre / post surgery

Surgical intervention, although necessary and performed for the purpose of correcting or improving a condition, is simply trauma to the body carried out in an organized manner.  Your preparation for the surgery and recovery afterward can be enhanced with rehabilitative care.  

Prior to your surgery, your therapist can initiate appropriate exercises to maximize the musculoskeletal system’s readiness for the surgery. This type of intervention promotes a more positive “starting point” for the body.  Additionally, if your movement will be limited afterward, your therapist can instruct you in compensatory mobility strategies and educate you about the challenges you may face. This pre-surgical process has proven helpful to alleviate anxiety and reduce recovery time.  

Your post-surgical rehabilitation program will address impairments such as pain, swelling, flexibility and strength loss and mobility challenges.  A program will be designed based upon the initial examination findings. The ultimate goal is to support the surgical process and restore an optimal level of functioning that meets your personal needs.