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CPT Wellness Program

Fitness and Health go hand in hand

Our Wellness Program bridges the gap between the healthcare and fitness industries, offering affordable, semi-supervised fitness programs for people at ALL fitness levels.

At CPT you’ll find medical and fitness professionals working side by side in one convenient location, providing the services it takes to achieve and manage an active, productive lifestyle.

Are you someone who has done well with physical therapy and has reached the end of your benefits for the year? We can provide a unique solution to this ever growing problem with post-rehabilitation training. Our staff will construct a personalized exercise program to bridge the gap between one-on-one physical therapy to a semi-supervised exercise routine.

Our sole purpose is to enhance the health, well-being and physical performance of our members by providing high quality effective exercise, wellness, and physical therapy programs.

Who can benefit from our Wellness Program?

  • People whose insurance benefits have run out for physical therapy, but are interested in continuing their post-rehabilitation.
  • People who have completed their physical therapy program and are looking to maintain their current level of health and wellness.
  • Individuals whose co-pay is no longer affordable or have experienced a loss of insurance benefits.
  • Someone who would like to continue to improve their fitness level under the supervision of qualified professionals.